It's All About the Kids®

Over the last 4 months we have donated 100% of the NET proceeds from every Be a Good Human & Kindness is cool t-shirt to the It's All about the Kids Foundation. We believe that it is important to prioritize feeding children and we hope you understand. 

Throughout San Diego County schools, 62% of the children are on meal assistance programs. The Foundations Feed The Kids program assists those families struggling to feed their children during the "weekend food insecurity gap". Kids need food in order to grow, learn and succeed, and they've made it their mission to ensure our children have the nutrients they need.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the number of kids and families seeking assistance from the It's All About the Kids® Feed the Kids Food Pantry in San Diego has doubled. They are now providing nutritious food for over 4,000 San Diegans every week. They provide meals to children and families for an incredible 50 cents a meal.

If you would like to be hands on and VOLUNTEER!

Every Thursday we receive food, package the food and provide it to the families in the program. If you would like to volunteer in the process, we would LOVE to have you. To Volunteer, CLICK HERE!

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